Save Time and Money Buying Back to School Supplies in Bulk

Supply Several Children or Stock Up for Future Years

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got years of experience or this is your first time, most parents still wonder how to shop for school supplies in the most efficient and cost effective way. Buying bulk back to school supplies can both save you money and keep you from having to run around to several stores just to grab one or two items that are on sale. The best part is, often you can reduce the amount of school supplies you will need to purchase next year or even for several years because you’ll always need basic items like pencils, notebooks and folders.

save buy bulk

Office supply superstores like Staples, Office Depot or Office Max are great places to find bulk supplies of just about anything on your child’s list of school supplies. Some even carry items like backpacks and lunch boxes, which can help you avoid making additional shopping trips. Most office superstores hold back to school sales so their prices on basic quantities will be competitive with mass merchandise retailers and you’ll get an even bigger discount when you buy in bigger quantities. The best deals at office superstores are on basic items like #2 pencils, highlighters, and folders. My mom bought me a pack of 12 dozen #2 pencils in elementary school and I never had to buy another pencil all the way through college. Plus, the giant pack of pencils cost only $1 more than buying a single dozen.

Another great place to purchase bulk school supplies is at warehouse clubs, like Sam’s, BJ’s and Costco. Of course everything in those warehouse clubs comes in bulk, but they are especially handy because of the way many school supplies are packaged. For example, instead of buying a huge package of 30 markers, they are often packaged as a set of 3 10-marker packages. That’s perfect when you have to supply several children with the same basic supplies or know you’ll be needing a new pack every year for a while.

A third way to buy large quantities of school supplies, and my personal favorite is to order them online. There’s no need to fight the crowds at the store. Many places offer free shipping and if you spend enough, there are sometimes extra discount coupon codes for 15% or $25 off your total order. You can order from the office superstore or warehouse club websites or there are many online office and school supply sellers on the Internet.

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