Rising Gas Prices – How to Save Money

Gas prices are rising yet again. There are several little things that you can do to keep stretch your gas dollars. Follow these tips and Thrifty Mom promises you will be filling up at the pump less often.

Carpool When Possible – If you have a job that allows you to carpool, do it. Not only will you be saving money on gas, but driving with one other person to work will cut you parking costs in half!

Plan Your Trips – Think about your errands before you go on them. Are you going to the bank on one side of ton, the grocery on the other, and then back across town to pick up dry cleaning? Sit down with a map and review where you are going, then plot out the best way to get from point A to point B.

Cruise Control – When you are on the freeway it is best to use cruise control. When you drive at a consistent speed you will be able to get more miles per gallon. Keeping your car on cruise control will ensure your enthusiasm for driving over the speed limit doesn’t get you a ticket.

Roll Up Those Windows – It is reported that driving with your windows rolled down or your sunroof open can decrease your miles per gallon by up to ten percent. On a Honda Civic that is around three miles per gallon of gas you are losing, and that really adds up.

Make Sure Your Tires Are Inflated – Always keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure. This will improve the wear on your tires making them last longer, and it will also save on your monthly fuel costs.

Clean Filters – Make sure to replace the air filter regularly to ensure a dirty filter isn’t eating up your precious gas mileage.

Clean Your Car – If you are anything like me you might be driving around with an extra few hundred pounds in the trunk of your car. I always keep my baby stroller in the trunk, extra gallons of washer fluid, and rock salt. This costs me money. I now store these things in the garage and have increased my gas mileage by at least a mile a gallon. (Hey it adds up!)

Shop Around For The Best Gas Prices – With gas prices skyrocketing a lot of local television station websites have a gas tracker and will let you know where the best deal on gas is. Take a moment to do a little computer research before you fill up that tank.

Fuel Perks Are Your Friend – Use them, don’t lose them. They can save you a ridiculous amount of money on your next fill up.

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